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Who We Are

We have the experience and vision to bring this to fruition.

ENEnergy is an international energy consultancy and project manager.  The company’s genesis and philosophy is rooted in the development and success of the Norwegian oil industry in the 1980s and 1990s. With decades of experience in oil production, marketing and trading, we are now focused on conceptualizing, developing and delivering sustainable biofuel production from greenfield sites.  Drawing on our deep knowledge of the energy sector, and utilising the best technology and industrial processes we aim to be the first
totally green oil company.

ENEnergy is the function of deep energy knowledge, technology, and energy industrial understanding. 

We know there is a tremendous opportunity to start a
greenfield operation to challenge the oil majors and global
crude oil oligopoly. 

Our Expertise

  • Developing green fields from scratch to full production.

  • Selling our products at the best possible price.
    with the lowest cost.

  • Access to people for all the functions needed to create,
    grow and establish an upstream international oil major.

Committed / Visionary / Collaborative

  • Deep Industry Knowledge and Experience - we are oil industry veterans with the contacts and market knowledge to deliver a greenfield oil project - we know pricing structures, how to structure offtake agreements and working within the global oil industry.

  • Access to industry people and entities with established track records - we have worked on several large oil projects around the world, both bringing in greenfield production sites and improving existing operations. We know the manufacturers, producers and markets.

  • We have access to world leading technology and capabilities for Green Oil production via proprietary solutions that enable quicker and more efficient production of fuels. 

The ENEnergy way is not only good for the climate in delivering a net carbon reduction, but also cheaper. And of course, sustainable.

Our process will produce Green Oil for circa $30 a barrel (based on processing a million tonnes of biomass a year).  
●    $20 - $25 a tonne to produce biomass
●    $50 - $75 a tonne to process biomass

Producing 2.5 barrels of oil per tonne of biomass i.e. $25 - $40 a barrel

As production scales, this cost will fall to $20 a barrel, equal to the current cheapest cost of crude oil production).  

With the current price of crude mid $70s a barrel there is substantial profit.

There is also substantial income available from the production process through the generation of lignin (coal substitute) and animal feeds 

Full modelling and details are available on request below. Or get in touch with us here

Hans Olav Bjørnenak

Hans Olav Bjornena

Chief Executive Officer

Ivar Skårset

Ivar Skårset

Chief Technical Officer

Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser

Adviser and Representative

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