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Green Oil Facts

Green Oil already meets the Net Zero Challenge

Replacing current crude oil production with biofuels will
result in a massive carbon reduction.


The Global Society have committed to ambitious carbon reduction targets and programs with the ultimate goal
of Net Zero emissions. 


Despite substantive efforts and billions of $ committed
capital, the results will not make fossil energy redundant


Our biofuels process will fill the gap between today’s reality
and tomorrow’s Net Zero nirvana. 

How CO2 in the atmosphere 
is reduced in ENEnergy’s
Biofuel Process

CO2 is the plants nutrient. The plants get this “food” from the atmosphere via photosynthesis, reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen.

The fast growing and energy rich plants we intend to use
need 3 tonnes of CO2 per
ton of biomass produced.

Our process will deliver from every ton of biomass:

  • 2.83 barrels of green fuel 

  • 100 kg of green coal (lignin).


Combustion of green fuel give emissions of CO2, but far less than what is consumed by fast growing plants. 


Our calculations show:

Net CO2-balance

Consumed CO2. /. -3 ton/ton biomass

Emitted CO2  /  1,319 ton/ton biomass

Net CO2-balance  /  -1,681 ton/ton biomass

This gives approx. 0,6 tonnes of CO2 taken out
per barrelof product consumed.


World consumption of liquids:
110 million barrels per day, 365 days a year. 

Potential for ENEnergy process:
24 bn tonnes net CO2-reduction per year.


in carbon emissions are saved by every litre used of ENEnergy Fuel. 


million hectares is enough land to replace all the world’s crude. The State of Western Australia alone is 250 million hectares.  


years of continuous operations at an
industrial scale.


changes to current infrastruture. 


Production cost and profitability:

In processing biomass there are only 2 critical points:

  1. Never use combustion on raw biomass as it disturbs the energy balance. 

  2. It is all about getting to sugars quickly.


The ENEnergy technology complies with both of these points.

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