ENEnergy was established in 2006 as a direct result of a project established in 2005 to find viable renewable energy solutions. The scope of the project was to look at all renewable energy solutions to identify the best ones. All types of renewables were evaluated: solar, wind, waves, Fischer Tropch and many more.

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Key Facts

The US emissions are around 5 billion tons of CO2 per year. Their unused crops land of 4,000 km2 will offset half of their total emissions, but only for one year.

Climate Change

One of the over-riding topics driving the growth in fossil fuel replacements today is climate change due to exessive emission of CO2

Fossil fuels are carbon stored away from the atmosphere for millions of years. 

When combusted at todays speed, billions of tons of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere

Nature has a way to deal with this - the photosynthesis performed by plants. The process

- extracts CO2 from the atmosphere

- stores the carbon in biomass 

- releases oxygen back to the atmosphere

 At present the world releases too much CO2 by combustion of fossil fuels. The exsisting bomass is not enough to cope. 

ENEnergy will use biomass to produce our fossil fuel replacements. This will have a huge effect on CO2 emission when done in a large scale. 

Due to the fast growth of the plant selected (Arundo Donax), the CO2 emitted by combustion of the fuels produced will recirculate into the new plants erected within 90 days from the former ones were cut down. Combined with the permanent storage in the root system, ENEnergy Production Process will actually be CO2-negative.

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