ENEnergy was established in 2006 as a direct result of a project established in 2005 to find viable renewable energy solutions. The scope of the project was to look at all renewable energy solutions to identify the best ones. All types of renewables were evaluated: solar, wind, waves, Fischer Tropch and many more.

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Key Facts

EN has access to land in Australia today that can produce over 10 million barrels per day of natural gasoline. That is over 10% world total oil demand.

ENEnergy Breakthrough Technology

ENEnergy can produce biomass on marginal areas, use our processing technology to concentrate the energy in the biomass and ship to the best suited markets.

The biggest advantage is the SPEED of processing. The ENEnergy process has reduced the time taken to convert raw biomass to sugars by hydrolysis from several days to approximately 6 hours – and we think we can get even faster. 

This means that each batch we produce, spends less time in the production process and we can get much greater volume through the same pieces of equipment over a given period of time.

The other big advantage ENEnergy has is the Integrated Production. Aknowledging that the energy content in raw biomass is too small to be transported over long distances, we will integrate the processing plant and the plantaton. 

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