ENEnergy was established in 2006 as a direct result of a project established in 2005 to find viable renewable energy solutions. The scope of the project was to look at all renewable energy solutions to identify the best ones. All types of renewables were evaluated: solar, wind, waves, Fischer Tropch and many more.

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Key Facts

15% of US land mass can replace oil every year.

2. Lower Cost to fuel End Users

Two ways to lower the cost for fuel end users

Minimise raw material cost
Accessing the existing distribution network for fossil fuels

Raw Material Cost

There are two importent parameters in biomass cost as raw material for energy production:

  • Cost of the feedstock 
  • Cost of he logistics between field and production site

ENEnergy's solution to this:

  • Control the feedstock production itself
  • Placing process facilities close to the plantation.

Accessing Existing Distribution Networks 

Today’s distribution networks are desigend for oil. The structure is: 

·       produce large quantities of crude oil 

·       move in large oil tankers to large refineries

·       from there out to the gasoline stations

ENEnergy can use similar existing structures, because our products are replacable with fossil fuels.

Conclusion: The ENE solution fits with the existing structures 

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