ENEnergy was established in 2006 as a direct result of a project established in 2005 to find viable renewable energy solutions. The scope of the project was to look at all renewable energy solutions to identify the best ones. All types of renewables were evaluated: solar, wind, waves, Fischer Tropch and many more.

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About ENEnergy

Key Facts

Unused crops land in the US can produce 300,000 barrel per day of gasoline, but their consumption is 10 million a day.

Our People

Meet our team who are passionate about changing the world of energy:

Hans O. Bjornenak

  • Co-Founder. Responsible for all commercial aspects of project
  • Active trader/broker International energy markets since 1985
  • Former owner large international energy broker
  • Numerous contacts needing ethanol EU/USA/East
  • Educated at Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

Ivar S. Skårset
Technical Director of Project
CEO ENEnergy

  • Co-Founder. Responsible for all technical and engineering aspects of project
  • 5 years project development and project control North Sea Oil installation
  • 7 years energy & renewable business consultant - Fossekall & ENConsult
  • 5 years project control manager and venue manager Lillehammer Olympic Games
  • Educated at Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH)
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